The Yamato Battleship was a project I started in 1998 or so.

I started it in Strata Studio Pro on Mac OS 9. I ran into major problems with memory allocation with that program. I started using Lightwave. That allowed me a fresh start. It demanded a fresh start because the model could not be converted!

I have not worked on this model for years. I wish I could, but it turned into too large of a project, and I moved on with some other work and things in life. Maybe some day I will work on it again, but don't hold your breath.

Last edition of the Strata model.

Yamato battleship

Lightwave version of main turret, no textures.

18inch gun turret

Anti-aircraft guns, no textures.

type 89 gun

Gun turrets in Lightwave, the main 18 inch, a type 89 and type 96 AA

type 96 gun