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I have a wide range of skills and talent. This page is the portal to my skills in Photoshop, graphics, animation, art, and also some scripting and database work.

Photoshop: I have 12+ years of experience, primarily in Prepress and commercial design. I have extensive experience color correcting images & scans (in RGB and CMYK), and expertise in creating Photoshop composites of nearly any description. My background in printing gives me a solid base in 'real world' use of images and making sure things print the way they should. I work on Mac OS computers and always have a Wacom tablet under my hand. I was an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) for Photoshop 5.5, but I have not renewed my ACE status as my employer didn't see much benefit in the title, but I'm still considered, after 10 year, THE expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and all other Prepress questions at my company.

I also have taught myself Applescript, Apple XCode, database design/scripting/construction with FileMaker Pro. I've built a massive relational database for my employer that tracks the 2500+ pages/files we transmit to our print providers each week. The view contains 4 files/tables, is cross linked to display over 15 views of the data by publication, date, status, resend information, etc. It also is linked via Applescript to a system of automatic page sending (a custom FTP program) that inserts the page information automatically, or can be manually entered by a user.

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