Other Apps

I have developed several Mac applications and sell them on the Mac App Store.


InDesign Image Catalog (link)

An application to make print ready/PDF ready contact sheet of many image files.


InDesign Font Catalog (link)

An application to make font specimen books with various types of layouts. One of the only apps to group all the font styles together (versus each style being its own item/listing).


Classic Find (link)

A utility to find a file on disk with the views and options most like MacOS9 through 10.3 file find utility. Ability to search only 1 disk/volume, show the item in its folder.


Desktop Blurrifier (link)

A program to apply a blur to a photo, and adjust a few other image properties, and then save and set it as a desktop picture.



I have done contract work for many people who contact me for scripting via my website. Examples include:

  • Created Applescript that interfaces with Filemaker Pro and generates an InDesign catalog of auction items, putting each item and it's multiple images and details within a section.
  • Created Applescript application to read .csv data, parse it, and store internally, then build an InDesign document of images and text labels from the parsed data and images stored on server.
  • Created Photoshop-Applescript to open images, apply clipping paths, and colorize contents based on a table of color names and values.
  • Modified existing customer Filemaker Pro database to include multiple new data points and adjust layouts. Provide detailed documentation on changes in order for future revisions to be made easily.
  • Worked with customers and print providers to deliver press-ready files with zero RIPping problems.