File Transmission Tracking System


FMP Tracker 001


Clipper Magazine has hundreds or thousands of files to send and print per week. All the individual page documents (PDFs) required tracking of the transmission and successful arrival at each print facility. It also had to track "re-sending" pages for technical or content changes.

System Highlights:

  • Relational database format in FileMakerPro - chosen for Mac-friendliness and Applescript support, as well as easy server administration
  • Consideration of heirarchy of information needs and drill-down ability
  • Information dense yet readable. Sortable columns. At-a-glance weekly overview. Designed to be usable on very small monitors of the time (15-17 inch)
  • As easy to use as possible for Prepress workers - no need to know database commands, everything built as buttons and procedures
  • Companion application to FTP files and register the data in this database
  • Setup data imported via Excel file



Detail of one book's information:

FMP Tracker 002

Sending revised files and tracking old files, primarily for billing purposes. Duplicate files are not sent automatically as the system checks every file name.

FMP Tracker 003