CorvetteDNA Trivia Game tests your knowledge (or lack thereof <wink>) of all things Corvette.

Link for App Store - CorvetteDNA Trivia


30s demo video, with sound




trivia home c7 trivia home c2 with score
trivia award page trivia question multi c2
trivia level picker c6 trivia buy octane


Design and App Highlights:

  • Designed to look like each generation of car's interior - seamless and purposely skeuomorphic
  • Animations for finishing levels and leveling up, introduction videos before each round
  • In app purchases for custom themes
  • In app purchases for power-ups ("Octane boost")
  • Physically accurate odometer graphic count-up
  • 1000s of questions written by the team
  • Multiple choice, True False, and Picture style questions with curated images
  • Play by random questions, or by specific car generation
  • 25 levels and 5 main tiers, each level with name and "award" graphics
  • GameCenter integration to display names and scores of friends
  • Almost every graphic, photo, and video produced by me

Design Considerations:

  • Corvette owner demographics identified
  • Performed user tests and feature validation in person at largest Corvette show on the East Coast
  • Design consideration for users who are not experienced smartphone users, nearly every actionable element has to look button-like
  • Car generation "themes"/skins, as many Corvette owners strongly identify with their car "generation" and appearing accurate is important, including textures and fonts