Photoshop Experience

  • Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert
  • 15+ Years hands-on experience-
    • Color correction, RGB & CMYK color correction/balance/saturation
    • Image compositing & masking
    • Transformations
    • Image repairs, text removal, scratch removal
    • Huge array of special effects





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Color Changing

Colorizing cars is really an art. Customers and layout artists take it for granted, but it's difficult to get right. Vehicles have such dynamic and unique light properties. Changing a car from one value to another is tough. Black or white to any other color is a challenge. From one medium color to another is a little easier, like red to blue, or green to orange. Blacks and whites, and silvers to some extent, don't have enough light in them to be a quick color change. I had to invent some details to turn the black car (with no detail from the photo-cd JPG compressed image) to orange. Dark shadows and gradients that would be visible on a medium hued car just weren't there, as well as the deepness of some shadows. This is  one of many total car recolorizations I've done. In order to help my department with this technique I also put together a binder full of images cut out from automobile magazines of all different color cars, categorized, for easy reference.








Cloning and image repair

FF02639 before 850

FF02639 2 after 850


Example of extremely detailed clipping path, highlighted.

 E12278 after 850