Illustrator/Vector Art

I greatly enjoy using Illustrator for creating artwork and graphics. Ask me about "the Kit-Kat challenge".


Autocross Icons

  • 32 hand drawn icons originally for an IconFactory "Pixelpalooza" contest
  • Available as an iMessage sticker pack on the AppStore
  • Colorful and bold, has to be distinguishable at small sizes
  • Almost entirely drawn in Illustrator with only minor final touches added in Photoshop
  • "Autocross" - a driving competition against the clock, often held in a parking lot or closed airport; safer than road racing but just as intense


Autocross Icons Sample



I draw icons for all of the applications that I build, even if it is a very small utility application. If it is going to be used often, it deserves an icon to be recognizable. I like to start most of my icons in Illustrator in order to get size, spacing, and shape exactly right. After the icon is mostly completed, only then will I use Photoshop to add any final effects, transparency, and shadows.


 icon CouponExporterIcon128 icon DTBFIcon128 icon IDFontCatalogIcon128x128 icon PDFBee3Icon128x128



Logo Design for local rental property (college town) company.

Herlocher 600x275



This was an image I created for myself as an impressionist version of a photo. It was entirely created in Illustrator using the freeform pen tool and gradients. There are no shape blends used. I wanted to go for a more natural-drawing effect with less precision.




My chiropractor wanted to have a new logo and asked me for some help. He was very open ended on what the design should look like, but wanted to also be able to include the idea of family or children. We worked through multiple designs and taglines.