Brand Identity


TRU Airlines Branding Presentation

TRU Airlines is a fictional company to use for the exercise of creating a logo and client brand presentation. 

The hypothetical client brief describes them as:
• We are a low-cost regional airline that serves the southern United States. 
• Most of customers are looking to get to desired destinations for the lowest price possible. They are more concerned with savings than luxuries. Most of our customers are younger.
• We tend to think a brighter more fun look might be best suited for us. We want something that can easily adapt to the plane fuselage and to social media. We plan on spending almost 100 percent of our ad budget on social media to try to land our customers where they spend the most time. We hope to merge quirky and fun in a humorous ad campaign.
TruAirlines 01
TruAirlines 02
TruAirlines 03
TruAirlines 04
TruAirlines 05
TruAirlines 06
TruAirlines 07
TruAirlines 08
TruAirlines 09
TruAirlines 10
TruAirlines 11
TruAirlines 12
Notebook sketches, notes, word mapping




Sponsorship Proposal Document for my local SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) chapter.


AfterSponsorDoc2024 12

AfterSponsorDoc2024 34

AfterSponsorDoc2024 56


Before, text only




Event shirt for my local SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) chapter. 


Yearly T-Shirt for event called "Cone Killer Classic"*. Illustrator, with spot color output for 3 or 4 ink screen printing, 6 years running.


CKC Shirt 2017 sm CKC Logo 2018 f13 sm

Shirt for 2017

Shirt for 2018, event started on Friday the 13th
and it was the 13th annual event

IMG 2143 ckcshirts



Good design isn't just visual design - design is how a whole system works.
The ultimate "UI-UX" - the REAL WORLD

SCCA Timing Truck:
I designed the primary exterior graphics for the club's timing/supply truck, as well as interior storage.



Truck Outside Design fcfd


truck exterior


Analytical thinking and planning for building shelves and storage. 

 Van Inside and outside layout dimensions 4 Van3 inside shelves 
 Planning for space and items to store  Completed interior


Storage Design Highlights - IE User Experience Aspects: 

  • Selected horizontal storage for cones, and laminated the floor for cones to slide on, for club members' health and safety (given that a stack of 10 cones can weigh nearly 40 pounds)
  • Horizontal storage also eliminates vertical stacks toppling over while driving
  • Optimized shelf space for known items and future expansion
  • Added tie-downs or bungie cords so items do not fall off shelfs while truck is in motion (ie safety considerations)
  • Designed optimal shelf in cab of truck for a computer/timing work station



*Cone Killer refers to how when driving at an autocross event, cars may hit the orange cones or run over them. Some of the cones can be very damaged, cut, ripped, or dragged on the pavement, effectively making them unusable again. Hitting a cone is a penalty on your time.