Interface Design - UI/UX

I am highly motivated to officially enter the field of interface design, after being a Graphic Designer, developing in-house applications for Clipper Magazine, designing the apps for CorvetteDNA, and being an app (coding) developer at AccuWeather.

  • My experience in both the visual side and technical side of app development gives me insight into both teams' processes and needs.
  • I can speak to app developers with technical detail, I can take technical questions from developers, I can discuss design topics with other artists, and help product managers/owners understand issues facing the team in a language everyone can understand.


  • Working with AccuWeather design team members for 9 years
  • Use Figma to receive layouts, comment/discuss designs, also used Zeplin
  • Learning the Do's and Don'ts of good UI-UX and good team interaction.
  • Learned to always consider what data is available before putting it into a design - nothing worse than a developer asking a designer or product manager where that data comes from.
  • Products can be used worldwide - I enjoy and have experience in localization strings and layout
  • Make designs flexible for varying screen/device sizes and layout, and dynamic fonts - also experienced making layouts flexible
  • Designed the Corvette DNA app interface and CorvetteDNA Trivia game interfaces - see the  and 
  • Clipper Magazine in-house production apps UI-UX


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