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Lots of goodies here! The Enterprise modelling PDF is available here!
Though it has not been updated, it seems like everyone gets lots of use out of it.

[2005] I just wanted to add that I have heard that parts of the PDF may be innacurate. When this was created I was working from the best sources I had at the time. One is the Enterprise cut-away poster, watching the movies, some other sources. There are some better pictures here for your reference. The only true reference is those pictures, and if you can get your hands on the real model! If you'd like to have this updated, I will add your information if you can supply it in a good format for me (Quark, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, maybe Autocad, Photoshop if the image is clean). email me!

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DOWNLOAD the PDF to your drive.
Control-Click or Right-click and "Save Link To Disk" (preferred)
[If you click only once the PDF may open in your browser]

Khan, the font, is available here for download in both
Mac (Postscript Type 1) and PC (TrueType) format.

Click for Mac PS Type 1 Font Click for PC TrueType Font