I have developed several Mac applications and sell them through my own website. I also have submitted and had them approved for sale on the Mac App Store.


 I have done contract work for many people who contact me for scripting via my website. Examples include:

  • Created Applescript that interfaces with Filemaker Pro and generates an InDesign catalog of auction items, putting each item and it's multiple images and details within a section.
  • Created Applescript application to csv data, parse it, and store internally. Then build an InDesign document of images and text labels from the parsed data and images stored on server.
  • Photoshop Applescript to open images, apply clipping paths, and colorize contents based on a table of color names and values.
  • Modify existing customer Filemaker Pro database to include multiple new data points and adjust layouts. Provide detailed documentation on changes in order for future revisions to be made easily.
  • Work with customers and print providers to deliver press-ready files with zero RIPping problems.