File Transmission Tracking System: Clipper has hundreds of files to send and print per week. I took initiative to create a relational database to track the files sent to various printers around the country. I chose FileMaker Pro for it's immediate interaction/updating and ease of use, ability to incorporate Applescript commands to perform complex operations, as well as robust Server component. The UI resembles an application with customized buttons and menus, so novice users do not need to know how to use a database. Expanded the system to include Applescrlipt/Objective-C application to automatically send files via FTP and make entries in the database, and send emails for file revisions.


FMP Tracker 001

Detail of one book's information:

FMP Tracker 002

Sending revised files and tracking old files, primarily for billing purposes. Duplicate files are not sent automatically as the system checks every file name.

FMP Tracker 003

Example of a sub-table of the database, tracking the information for a single magazine.

There are a lot of fields required to track pages and the relationship to a book.