Coupon Export: In 2009, Clipper wanted to give consumers online access to the same coupons in the magazine. I designed a system to export coupons and images from individual InDesign ads. I worked under a deadline to deliver an initial application version based on Applescript. Later, I was asked to expand the system to export text as well, which required a major redesign of document layout structure, and the application to export the data. It included custom designed XML output and XML formatting of the InDesign document. I worked on a team that developed the second version along with an InDesign plug-in panel to aid Artist interaction with the layout/XML of the document. I was also instrumental in training users on the workflow changes via video presentation, hardcopy/PDF, and live training sessions.


Interface for application, running on bank of drone computers, or optionally an artist can use it locally.

Exporter UI

Organized file output

File Output (Finder)

Example of output images and XML files

File Output (large)