Coupon Exporter


Exporter UI

Clipper Magazine wanted to transition to offering their magazine and coupons online. I was instrumental in creating the system to transform print based Adobe InDesign documents to output that could be presented on the website (text, XML, and images).

Program Highlights:

  • I designed a system to export coupon JPGs and images from individual Adobe InDesign documents
  • Worked under a deadline to deliver an initial application version based on Applescript
  • Expanded the system to export plain text as well, which required a major redesign of document layout structure, and the application
  • Redesign required custom designed XML output and XML formatting of the InDesign documents across the company
  • Worked with internal team that developed an InDesign plug-in panel to aid Artist interaction with the layout/XML components of the document
  • Trained users on the workflow changes via live training sessions, video presentation, and hardcopy documents
  • Application ran on mutliple headless computers and only required Artists to drop their files into a network hot folder to process, or it could be run locally



Organized file output

File Output (Finder)

Example of output images and XML files

File Output (large)