Corvette DNA is an app to look up the current values of used Corvettes. Anyone buying or selling a Corvette can look up the current market value based on year, model, and options. Available HERE (iTunes link)

 screenshots of Corvette DNA iPhone app

Click here to watch a demo video (13mb)

The app gets updated pricing information from the website. It displays car models for the selected year, and will disable options that were not available or certain models and will deselect options that can not be combined (for example, you can only select a manual or automatic transmission, not both). An information button will expand a row to display descriptive information about a particular option.

Highlights of the application:

  • REST web service is used to gather XML data from website
  • XML Parser builds 5 different object classes and populates arrays of the objects
  • A Store object handles data requests for table row objects and various other data filtering operations
  • Custom XIBs are loaded for table cells, for ease of design and quicker design & development changes
  • Expanding cell logic used to grow and shrink cells on the fly, displaying data about one particular option
  • Logic for relationships of car model vs available options, to determine when a user chooses an option if other options must be disabled; or to dim rows that are not available to be selected based on car model or other options selected
  • A custom XIB used for a message that fades out when an invalid or disabled option is chosen
  • Custom row sizes for all rows in table where different amounts of text will be drawn
  • A category on NSString to return a custom formatted string
  • UIPickerView that changes it's data source on the fly based on user selection of car model, mileage, or condition button
  • A custom scrolling graphic to display a picture of the car- one single image used and scrolled to point to give an interactive visual cue as to the car year selected