Video & Motion Graphics

From 2002 - I created this commercial to play on broadcast TV to promote the Hawaii International Auto Show. I created the dais scene for the cars, purchased some stock 3D models to use in Lightwave. I contacted several of the major auto manufacturers to obtain some approved stock car footage. For example, the Ford GT (GT40) vehicle footage was supplied to me on Betamax, which I had to find a service to convert for me to a DV movie file I could use. 3D Text was created in Lightwave also, compositing and text was created in Adobe After Effects.





Stock Car Racing Fan Fest was a commercial shown on broadcast TV in the Daytona Beach, FL market. For this video I created the 3D text and circular ring object in Lightwave. I also built the main car and driver models, and created or sourced all the image maps and textures for them. Final compositing done with After Effects.





Golf Shots was a weekly TV-magazine format show. I was asked to create a new opening sequence. I was supplied most of the video assets. I created the overlay effects and transistion effects. After Effects.





For Clipper Magazine, I produced special graphics for the annual awards and holiday party - generated with Lightwave and After Effects.