Video & Motion Graphics

Hawaii International Auto Show




I created this commercial to play on broadcast TV to promote the Hawaii International Auto Show. I created the dais scene for the cars, purchased some stock 3D models to use in Lightwave. I contacted several of the major auto manufacturers to obtain some approved stock car footage. For example, the Ford GT (GT40) vehicle footage was supplied to me on Betamax, which I had to find a service to convert for me to a DV movie file I could use. 3D Text was created in Lightwave also, compositing and text was created in Adobe After Effects.


Stock Car Racing Fan Fest 




Stock Car Racing Fan Fest was a commercial shown on broadcast TV in the Daytona Beach, FL market. For this video I created the 3D text and circular ring object in Lightwave. I also built the main car and driver models, and created or sourced all the image maps and textures for them. Final compositing done with After Effects.


Golf Shots Opener




Golf Shots was a weekly TV-magazine format show. I was asked to create a new opening sequence. I was supplied most of the video assets. I created the overlay effects and transistion effects. After Effects.


Clipper Magazine Awards





For Clipper Magazine, I produced special graphics for the annual awards and holiday party - generated with Lightwave and After Effects.