I developed this site for a local candidate for political office. He needed a way to have his positions spelled out and also let more people know about him. Because he wasn't as well known as his competitor, I tried to focus on pages to get to know him as a person, and showcase his life experience. I also took many of the headshots of him for the site. I needed have a professional looking site without hand coding everything. I chose Joomla as the site management software and customized a template layout to be unique and functional.

Russ Stahley candidate site

View the archived site at: http://www.dreyfusnewera.com/joomla16/



I have been webmaster for SCCA-SUSQ.com for about 8 years. I was a co-designer for the site and now manage it full time. I create any graphics and banner ads needed, as well as maps. I regularly update event information, table results from autocross events, and upload image galleries. I often supply document on a page that includes a link to a PDF, so members can print out the page or data (to bring along to meetings and such) when they won't have computer access.


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Of course since I am selling applications online, I have a site for that. I needed to keep it simple for updating and I also wanted visitors to be able to see other programs available that they might not have originally searched for, so I opted for a single page design. Most of the editing I do directly in Dreamweaver.


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