I have 15 years experience in color correction, special effects, compositing, masking & layering, and clipping path drawing. In Clipper's Prepress department I have developed my skills to be highly efficient and effective, and also became the go-to person when anyone else had a question on technique, composition, or how to use Photoshop tools and features.



This was created for a client that did not know how to start out print advertising. They wanted to capture some web-hosting market, and advertising in a consumer magazine stumped them on how to correctly portray their company. The layout artist brought me into the process at the very start, because the ad required an image that really stood out and immediately conveyed the product. The layout couldn't be completed till the image was decided upon. I built this composite to convey the ideas of web traffic, business, and sale. Everyone involved was very pleased with the final design.


businessguys sm family sm flowingnumbers sm sunglassgirl sm viewcart sm


This image was a spec project at Clipper. I wanted to involve an image with fire and transparency, and also convey a sense of irony and whimsy. 


onehotgalfire onehotgalguys onehotgalgirl



I was involved in the art direction and production of this ad. The layout artist had an idea in mind, but could not even create an FPO image to work from. We discussed the idea and how to involve the concept of opening a present. After exhausting a short search of clip art graphics, I decided the best way to create a paper ripping was to just use a practical object and either scan or photograph it. Sometimes the simplest and easiest method does get the job done quickly.


box hand paper tv




Colorizing cars is really an art. Customers and layout artists take it for granted though. Vehicles have such dynamic and unique light properties. Changing a car from one value to another is tough. Black or white to any other color is a challenge. From one medium color to another is a little easier, like red to blue, or green to orange. Blacks and whites, and silvers to some extent, don't have enough light in them to be a quick color change. I had to invent some details to turn the black car (with no detail from the photo-cd JPG compressed image) to orange. Dark shadows and gradients that would be visible on a medium hued car just weren't there, as well as the deepness of some shadows. This is  one of many total car recolorizations I've done. In order to help my department with this technique I also put together a binder full of images cut out from automobile magazines of all different color cars, categorized, for easy reference.







 Front cover for a Clipper where the advertiser wanted to convey a very "old-west" feeling for their casino and riverboats. Composed of 6 separate images.






Viper colorize, original

Colorized/after (click here for high res download file 1.5mb):


Food color correction and recreation of missing plate area and match film grain from original image scan, original 
(click here for high res download file 3mb):

CC and recreated plate, film grain added (click here for high res download file 2mb):


Cloning and image repair on furniture from original pre-printed material, including some moirĂ© pattern on scan 
(click here for high res download file 7.8mb):

Cloned and CC version (click here for high res download file 3.3mb):


Example of highly detailed and accurate clipping paths (click here for high res download file 1.7mb):


Additional example of extremely detailed clipping path, original:

Clipping path outline, highlighted (click here for high res download file 0.6mb):


Additional typical Clipper Magazine production work for color correction and cloning on pre-printed material supplied by advertisers 
(click here for high res download file 6.8mb):

Completed CC and cloning (click here for high res download file 2.1mb):