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Autocross Icons Sample


  • Available as an iMessage sticker pack on the AppStore - "Autocross Icons"
  • Colorful and bold, has to be distinguishable at small sizes
  • "Autocross" - a driving competition against the clock, often held in a parking lot or closed airport; safer than road racing but just as intense





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Assorted desktop app icons




TA art by Chris 2160


Artwork of my car. No auto-tracing, no Ai.

Open image in a new tab for full size view.


Original Photo

TA photo 800

TA art Outlines 600




Logo for local rental property company

Herlocher 600x275









Yearly T-Shirt for event called "Cone Killer Classic"*. Illustrator, with spot color output for 3 or 4 ink screen printing. 6 Years running.

CKC Shirt 2017 sm CKC Logo 2018 f13 sm

Shirt for 2017

Shirt for 2018, event started on Friday the 13th
and it was the 13th annual event

IMG 2143 ckcshirts






I wanted to go for a more natural-drawing effect with less precision. 



Movie Poster for "Pitch Black"