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Profile: I’m an engineer/designer at heart and enjoy building and designing things, be they applications, user interfaces, or systems. I understand how systems work, and can envision improvements easily. I’m technically advanced, and also able to translate complex concepts into simple language. I enjoy a challenge, and I strive for beauty in engineering and design.


Accuweather, July 2014-Present

iOS Team Leader & Senior Mobile Applications Developer – February 2021 to present

Lead the team through all stages of application development: Feature planning, estimating, technical feasibility and investigating potential roadblocks, working with other departments to coordinate timelines, integrating api responses and other systems, communicating with managers and business leaders on progress, prioritizing bugs, distributing work tickets to appropriate developers, checking code pull requests by developers, overseeing architecture and code changes, updating the environment the team works in, validating and approving code changes, and also myself working on high priority bugs or tickets I can work in within the other developers' work without slowing their progress.

  • Lead team of 5 developers, including weekly 1-1 meetings, team and personal goal planning, and conduct yearly reviews, and managed sub-contractors working with the team
  • Created documentation for consistent interview questions and new hire onboarding for the department/team including internal resources and technical setup
  • Plan with Product Managers for future features, including timelines and team capacity, feature feasibility and technical considerations, and prioritizing multiple concurrent requests
  • Participate in daily team standups to coordinate progress on features, bug priority, design changes, or QA team feedback
  • Cross train developers on AFB business app, and improve core code base knowledge by rotating features and bug topics among developers
  • Communicate with Product Managers and business owners on app updates, app releases, and fielding/fixing high visibility bugs
  • Test and update Xcode application with DevOps to ensure smooth operations on CI servers when major changes occur
  • Review code changes, oversee app architecture, ensure best practices are used, recommend code changes or project updates for efficiency
  • Raised importance of needed QA environment, leading to backend system being created to mock weather data
  • Advocated for several user features that were approved and chosen to be fully designed and implemented
  • Rallied team to work on high priority subscription features under tight deadline requirement
  • Used new code style/language features, worked through learning and bugs while developing
  • Created new revenue stream of significant size
  • Refactored parts of ad-serving code to realize additional revenue from free app users



Mobile Applications Developer – July 2014 - February 2021


Worked on Agile development team to continually improve iOS Accuweather applications. Worked on long term planned projects and fast paced, priority work projects.

  • Collaborate with UI/UX designers to prototype and implement features, graphics, animations, and interactions.
  • Work with Product Managers to define and deliver new features
  • Continually improve and add features, sometimes under short deadlines
  • Lead localization efforts, SME for translation workflow, and spearhead RTL language changes in app
  • SME for Connected Car technologies (Ford/SDL & and Bosch SDKs)
  • Integration of 3rd party SDKs, CocoaPods, and publishing pods
  • Especially skilled at developing UI features, using auto layout engine, MVC and MVVM pattern
  • Optimizing graphics, animations, and communicating with UI designers on best practices
  • Experience with network API's, json and xml responses
  • Unit testing
  • Presentations for stakeholders and upper managers at feature reviews


AccuWeather on the iOS App Store



  • Objective-C, C, & Swift
  • iOS & Mac OS X desktop dev. (Cocoa and iOS SDK)
  • Applescript & automation (since 1998)
  • iTunes App Store distribution (iOS and Desktop)
  • Integration with SQL databases
  • Third party frameworks and open source libraries 
  • Full SDLC & user feedback improvements


  • XCode
  • Github
  • SourceTree
  • CocoaPods
  • Jira & Confluence
  • Slack
  • Postman
  • Charles & ProxyMan
  • Notion & Miro
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, After Effect)
  • Script Debugger & Applescript Editor
  • FileMaker Pro
  • MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Android Studio



Clipper Magazine, 1997-July 2014

During my employment at Clipper, I contributed to the company in a number of roles: Application Development, Prepress Expert, Workflow Improvement/Process Engineering, Training and Communication

Application Development


I took initiative to create applications to streamline the PrePress department, in order to reduce human workload and reduce errors, reducing the need for additional staff. My programming skills grew to create applications to enable output of files with various automated tools, reducing manual input and saving time and money.

I developed applications completely tailored to the business needs and user needs. Applications were created with scale and efficiency in mind, leveraging mutliple computers to ramp up with weekly work loads.

See the application pages for detailed descriptions of their goals and execution:

Ad Template Maker, Flipper Exporter, Coupon Exporter


Workflow Improvement/Process Engineering


Over the span over several years I helped transform many manual processes into fully or semi-automated processes or applications. I also looked for ways to improve efficiency, increase access to assets, and make it easy for new team members to understand processes by creating easy-to-understand standards in the department.

  • Mac OS X expert (Mac power user since 1994)
  • Automation to output PDF/images/text, file transmission, database automation, file conversions, xml output
  • Applescript automation
  • File organization and archiving, search
  • Systems-level analysis of workflow; efficiency recommendations to department managers



Training & Communication


When new processes were implemented or I created a new application, I also developed training material across multiple media. My training has made users productive and efficient on Day 1 of new procedures. As the lead expert in Prepress, I communicate with my department and other department managers. I have excellent communication skills and am able to work with many types of personalities.

  • Live training seminars for new systems/processes
  • Typed documentation with images (PDFs, printouts)
  • Narrated videos/screencasts
  • Follow up or post-session files/practice material
  • Purchasing recommendations to managers


Freelance Development


Created unique Mac OS X and iOS applications. Distribute apps via iTunes & App Store, and on my own website.

Personal Interests & Activities


  • Regional Executive for SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) Susquehanna Region chapter 2013-2014, 280 members, managing meetings and multiple aspect of club functions. Solo Chair for Central PA Region, managing events, speaking/presenting the driver's meeting, attending all monthly meetings.
  • SCCA competitive driver since 2001 (in Firebird Trans Am, Hondas, Formula Ford, and more), instructor, and event spokesperson
  • SCCA webmaster and event photographer (2005-2013)
  • BRAKES (Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe) Driving instructor for teenage student drivers in local not-for-profit driving school. (
  • Personal automobile maintenance (and the zen of wheel/brake changes)
  • Red Velvet cake baker and connoisseur
  • Photography
  • Baritone Saxophone afficianado, but not playing currently
  • IndyCar, IMSA sports car racing, Le Mans racing fan
  • Not-so-secret interest in and somewhat proficient in Welding



  • Hagerstown Community College, 2013, Online learning in SQL, PHP, CSS, HTML
  • Big Nerd Ranch, 2009, Certificate for Objective-C and Cocoa programming
  • Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert, 2001
  • Harrisburg Area Community College, 1993 - 1996, Associate of Arts: Graphic Design

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