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Interesting nick name, huh? Well you might wonder how I got it... maybe you have a guess already. Here's a quick little story:

When I started at work, on the night shift, there was no one that could fix anything there. We had no IS department to take care of our needs. So me, being rather handy and knowledgeable, started to jump right in to fix printer jams, replace toner, and it grew to helping people fix weird computer problems, font problems, you name it, I fixed it. I got myself (a very positive) reputation for helping out without making a fuss about things. So I was soon coined with being "A super mac fix it guy". I asked one of my friends (Mr. Paul McGuigan) if he could cartoon me a picture of me as a superhero. Lo and behold many months later, I was gifted "SuperMacGuy"! And thus was officially born SuperMacGuy.

SuperMacGuy image is Copyrighted

Years after my original name was bestowed upon me, I finally made a Halloween outfit to celebrate and to fix my co-workers Macs and twart the evil doings of Microsoft. (ha ha!!)

Chris is SuperMacGuy!

This is me on Halloween at work, October 31, 2001.