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Here at we are proud Macintosh users. We've (and I mean the whole family) been in love since 1995 when the first Mac came into the home. It was a proud PowerMac 7100/66, one of the first PowerPC chips. Since then, we've never looked back at PCs, Microsoft, or other stuff that just doesn't work in our digital lives.

Chris had the moniker "SuperMacGuy" bestowed upon him by a co-worker in about 1998. See the page about that.

I've kept the iMac hottie up online since it's still sexy and actually gets a ton of hits, check out the scantily clad, gumdrop girl over here.

There's always great new Mac stuff to report on, but it would take me all day to go over it. Here's just a couple old but still good links to information and stuff.

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Updater for older SuperDrives:

IconFactory- the best in icons for 9, X, and some PC icons too.
They make a utility to bring WINDOWSHADE back to OS X! Also the nicest new Apple menu.
Makes DEFAULT FOLDER, the single best control panel EVER for the Mac. Get it. Pay for it (support the shareware creators). Love it. Now also for OS X!
My friend Norbert makes the BEST CD cataloging utility. Plus I helped to squash bugs out of it!
ASM is Application Switcher Menu, the pull down in the upper right hand corner, with logo and/or text of what app you are in.

BareBones Software
SuperGetInfo for Mac OS X
TinkerTool is for fiddling with esoteric settings.
iGetter- A nice little utililty for starting and stopping downloads. Great for us still stuck on 56k. Classic and OS X! Applescriptable too! Load up a bunch of pix files to d/l by inserting string names into the program.