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Here at, we like to promote an environmentally sound way of living. Notice that no trees or dead dinosaurs have been used in the creation of this site.

Being a friend to the environment has somehow seemed to turn into an uncool thing these days. I don't agree! Living in harmony with our planet and conserving natural resources is the most responsible thing to do, and being a gross polluter or wasting is certainly not cool nor cost effective. Conserving is not a bad word, conserving means not using more than you need. Conservation is being efficient. And efficient is saving money.

My Trans Am is a cool car, but my little Honda that gets 40mpg is my everyday driver, and gives me smiles, though not as big, knowing I can go for 2 weeks or more without buying gas. The Honda is little, but little is good, good for squeezing in tight parking, in the city, it handles quicker becuase its smaller. Small and light = efficient = saving money! - - ethanol information

WIRED article on ethanol - 6 myths debunked

brazil's great ethanol based automotive society

the end of oil, the Hubbert Peak

How to save gas in YOUR car (gov't site) - or - save gas in YOUR car by Chris

Crazy! 1912 Model T Ford gets better mileage than 2004 Ford cars!

Standby mode and appliances that suck electricity when off

Humans causing global warming causes more hurricanes

4-18-07 » Bees are dying. And when bees die, so will we. Everyone. From starvation.

Why? Well bees and other insects pollinate flowers and plants, and then plants can grow fruits and vegetables. Without pollination, the fruit doesn't grow. No fruits or vegetables, no food. Not much meat either. Though tiny and maybe pesky, bees and one of the most important lifeforms on the planet! They must be saved.

Why are the dying? Because powerful CELL PHONE towers are emitting signals that mess up their ability to navigate back to their hives. They fly out one day, and never make it home.

We MUST stop our addiction to text messaging and being connected every minute of the day. We must force cell phone and wireless providers to either lower their signal, stop it altogether, or find a signal that does not harm insects, bees, birds, or any other lifeform on the planet. Mainly though, we as a people must decide that FOOD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR PHONE.

This issue is greater than global warming (its a bit more immediate) and greater than any man made war, political agenda, genocide, economic situation.

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TEFLON: It's a nasty substance, made by nasty substances, and is a nasty substance in your body!