June 2011

Our Europe Trip Pix here (1380 pix)

or the "highlights", only 263 pix

May 2011

We are getting ready for our big trip to Le Mans, France, and Italy. We'll be there for 2 weeks, starting with 4 days at Le Mans for the 24h race. I can't wait! We'll have 1.5 days in Paris, take the overnight train to Venice for 3 days. Then 2 days in Firenze, and 2 giorni en Roma. Too bad that the days we are closest to Bologna where we could see the Lamborghini factory, is Saturday and they aren't open.

Check out my new blog site at www.paveglio.com/blog where I *may* try to put out more thoughts and goings on of mine. No promises.

March 2011

My impression of the world at large, seen through TV news, is that no few people in government, no no let me adjust that, none of the Republicans especially the newly elected, have a God damn clue about how the economy works. And even worse, I honestly believe that many of them are actively trying to make living a middle class life, a completely difficult endeavor. Perhaps I can give a little benefit of the doubt because it riles me up when the righties say "liberals are trying to destroy America" so maybe I see the same thing in reverse. But decisions they make are not helping anyone's budget except large corporations and the already rich.


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