Thinking Bagpipes?

If you are considering having a bagpipe
performance at any of the following:

  • Wedding
  • Party
  • Reception
  • Worship service
  • Memorial service
  • Sporting event
  • Charity event
  • School arts day
  • Civic program
  • Military function

I can help! I'm Amanda Paveglio, your friendly neighborhood bagpiper, and I want to help make your event extra-special with a touch of Celtic flair! If you are curious about how bagpipes could fit into your event, contact me to discuss your ideas. I'm flexible and want to help you craft the perfect program!

I'm located in Centre County, PA and have been studying bagpipes since 1999. During that time I've had the honor of learning from some of the best pipers in the U.S. I have a degree in Music History with a focus in Scottish music and folklore, and my repertoire of tunes is fairly extensive, from traditional marches and airs to more contemporary, "funky" piping.

I play the traditional Scottish Great Highland pipes (aka Scottish warpipes), which are great for outdoor events, as well as inside large spaces.

Besides performing, I also teach beginning and intermediate piping, so contact me if you want to learn to play this wonderful instrument!

What do I think about bagpiping this week? Check out my piping blog at

Got a favorite song or special musical request? No problem! While not every song can be performed on bagpipes, most can. So whether it's a favorite hymn, college fight song, Christmas carol, show tune, or rock/pop hit... if it "works" on pipes, I'll make it work for you. No request is too weird, and I love expanding my repertoire!

(And in case you were wondering, "YMCA", "Material Girl", and the "Star Wars" theme can all be performed on bagpipes.)

Here are some samples of me playing (mp3 files):

When calculating my fee, I'll factor in your distance from State College, my total on-site time commitment including warm-up time, whether the event is indoor or outdoor, and, if outdoor, the time of year. ** I prefer not to play outdoors between November 1 and March 15 due to cold air, which can damage my pipes. ** I will not charge extra to travel within 45 minutes of State College, PA. For further distances, I will charge a small amount extra for mileage.

I try to keep my rates reasonable and within your reach. I also give a special break to schools and nonprofit organizations! Also, I'm well-acquainted with many other pipers in the Central PA region. If I'm not available on the date you need me, I'll do my best to find another piper who can help you.

Bagpipes are LOUD. You may be surprised by how loud they are if you haven't heard them up close before. Keep this in mind as you think about where you'd like me to play. Outdoors is great; indoors, large rooms are better than small. For small rooms, you might prefer the sound of my electronic pipes... but they look quite different than the "traditional" bagpipe setup. If you're unsure, contact me and we can discuss it. In the wrong setting, bagpipes can be very intrusive... and I don't want that any more than you do.

If you want a piper for your event, want to book me for a program, or are interested in learning how to play bagpipes, click here to contact me. Ask any questions! Remember -- I want to help make your event as special as possible.

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