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The Star Trek movie, an 8 minute short made completely on my Mac with Lightwave, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Peak, SoundEffect, and MediaCleaner. Kirk and Spock have a dangerous run in with the Romulans who are bent on capturing the Enterprise and bring glory to themselves and the empire.

Movie link soon, hang on!

Enterprise in warp speed
Kirk speeds toward outpost 4...
Hurtling toward an asteroid field
But it has been turned to dust.
Those big ones will put a dent in your bumper
No doubt by the Romulans, who plan on doing the same to the Enterprise!
Romulan Photon Torpedo
Will Kirk be able to find the Romulans once they cloak?
Romulans cloak
The Romulans fire a photon torpedo!
Section A-3 is destroyed!
Photon torpedos breach the shields and blow the hull.
Chekov, Fire Phasers!
The Enterprise finally gets a phaser lock.
There Goes The Neighborhood
The Romulans must die with honor, and not be captured.
Speed Bump!
The Enterprise kicks the romulans' ass, but watch out for that shockwave!