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Hot Woman Photoshopped Image "One Hot Gal"

I did this back in about 2000/2001. I wanted to show how well "good" Photoshopping could be after seeing a lot of wretched submissions to a computer "arts" magazine. They were nothing but KPT filters run amok! This is more like "real" art, it has a concept, it took time, it looks pretty real (I think, for the time).


"Galaxy Vision Web Hosting"

This was created for a client that did not know how to start out print advertising. They wanted to capture some hosting market, and advertising in a consumer magazine stumped them on how to correctly portray their company. I built this composite to convey the ideas of web traffic, business, and sale. Everyone involved was very pleased with the final design.


Chiropractic Poster © "Chiropractic"

Photoshop composite. This was a gift to my longest time best friend John Nissley. He graduated Chiropractic school, and I wanted to give him a really personalized gift. This one is like no other, it's one of one. Its approximately 13 inches by 29 inches and the working resolution was 300 dpi. It made for a pretty large file.


"Wee Bee Audio"

Front cover ad for Wee Bee Audio, a high end audio video dealer/installer. For the Christmas season, it needed to look like a gift of course.


"Tony Soprano's Pizza"

Photoshop composite. This is one of the workaday sort of images that every photoshop compositor gets. Put a clipping path on the items, add a background, insert graphic bullet holes, use some drop shadows, and bang it out in about an hour. These are bread and butter at Clipper Magazine and is just one example of the sort of thing I'd do every day. Because of time constraints, not everything can be a complete masterpiece, but is good enough for most advertisers to sell their wares in our magazines. Plus we still beat the pants off of some other low-buck advertising rags.

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Colorizing cars is really an art. Customers and layout artists really take it for granted though. Vehicles have such dynamic and unique light properties. Changing a car from one value to another is tough. Black or white to any color is a challenge. From one medium color to another is a little easier, like red to blue, or green to orange. Blacks and whites, and silvers to some extent, don't have enough light in them to be a quick color change. I had to invent some details to turn the black car (with no detail from the photo-cd JPG compressed image) to orange. Dark shadows and gradients that would be visible on a medium hued car just weren't there, as well as the deepness of some shadows. This is but one of about 7 total car recolorizations I've done.


The customer, a wine and spirits store, wanted something unique to catch the eye of readers. Wine bottles that seem to blend in and bend with the flowers was the concept chosen by the layout artist. The bottles had to appear realistically deformed and appear to take up some volume in the vase.

Some non-commercial/fine art work



Four Large Apple Paintings ©

College Illustration Class Project:

4 Classic Styles, Acrylic, Airbrush

in the styles of Dali, Picasso, Balla, Gieger