QuickTime VR Object Movie Page

(this page circa 2001, Mac OS 9; kept up for your enjoyment)

A Mac QTVR Object

Get this sample LW file
(G3 object, floor object, scene file)
I have created a Lightwave 3D scene file to let you quickly and easily make QuickTime VR Objects.

QTVR Object Scene 1 - This scene makes a traditional VR scene, where the camera rotates around the object. This type of scene works best with blank backgrounds. If you add background scenery, it will seem as if your object has been frozen in time, as you & the camera rotate around it.

QTVR Object Scene 2 - This scene (as shown above) makes a VR scene which will give the illusion that the object is rotating in a stationary position. In this scene, the camera is fixed, and the object rotates.

Scene 2 is unique in that 1. Your camera must stay fixed in all 684 frames, as well as any lights; 2. You can add lights for dramatic effects, like shadows, that move with your object as you rotate. I suggest the rendering size be a square (ie. 300x300) so the corners don't get cut off. In both scenes, frame 0 is set for no rotation, so you can set you camera, lights, etc.  

Download LW files

For both scenes, scale your object to fit inside the 1 meter box (or you can scale the size of the camera motion out really big). The object must be centered on the origin. In scene 1, the camera will rotate around every 10 degrees, and pan down 10 degrees. In scene 2, parent the object to the null, and it will rotate itself around through 684 frames. In this scene the camera MUST stay stationary, but you can move it to where ever you like. Add lights and background scenery as necessary. Note that in either file, lights do not have to be pointing at the object. But if they are animated, it may look a little strange. (But then again you might be able to make some really cool reflections at certain angles...) Render the movie at a reasonable size. You must make a keyframe for every frame, but the frame rate does not matter. After you render your movie (1-684 frames), you must then open the movie with Apple's "Make QTVR Object" utility. Then use these parameters to set it up. Pick a good 3/4 view, and use cmd-2 to "Set poster view".


If you need the "Make QTVR Object" utility, you can get it in the Apple QT Authoring Studio, at Apple.com at this link, or email me and I will send you a version (an old version, only Classic compatible).

Applescript Tidbits!

Two Applescripts to set those downloaded files to LWMD/LWOB and LW3D/LWSC.
Just drag and drop onto the icons. OS 9.