Illustrator & Vector Art

These icons were developed for a client who wanted to start a web-hosting and web download accelerator service. He specifically wanted something like a tachometer or speedometer from a car. They were to be used on his website and for the application he was providing with the site, it had to be a Mac and Windows compatible icon.

This client needed a logo, and then shortly thereafter changed it significantly. We went through several brainstorming sessions to come up with about 5 viable ideas and then whittled it down to the logo shown here.

Old logo:

I developed a set of icons for my sport/hobby of Autocrossing in 2004. All were created by starting with a reference photo of the object I wanted, tracing the basic shape, then cleaning up the line, then simplifying it, then making sure it would look good at small sizes, which meant simplifying or exaggerating some features. As many of the colors and gradients wer done in Illustrator so they could be fixed or modified there. They were kept in Illustrator as long as possible before being put into Photoshop to export at icons. Some shadows or transparent objects were done in PS because that was easier or more quickly done.

I also created a small set of Champ Car icons for my favorite racing series.

This race car image was redrawn from another piece of artwork. Intent to exactly recreate the scan:

This was drawn in a 'freehand' graphic style. I was trying to capture the essence of a photo moreso than the exact details. It was printed poster size and meant to be viewed from a distance.