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I have worked on a number of animation and video spots in the last couple years. Videos require Quicktime 7 to play. «get Quicktime»

Hawaii International Auto Show: I was asked to make a 30 second spot that highlighted the various high end cars at the show. I was given some general direction but had creative license for the look and feel of it. The 3D segments were entirely of my own design. I delivered 3 different versions that highlighted the shows features each day (an astronaut signing autographs, Ferrari cars, and free kids' day). Compositing was in Adobe After Effects, 3D in Lightwave, sound FX in Peak, delivered on DVD via DVD Studio Pro (and raw QT files).

Stock Car Fan Fest: I was hired to make this commercial for the 'indoor show' at the Nascar Daytona race. The concept was completely left up to me. All concept work was my idea. I created the Nascar cars myself in Lightwave, as well as the 5-image oval spinning object. Of course I was given the images to stick in the middle. I wanted to use a time-remapping effect a la "The Matrix" for the end and highlight the cars again. Lightwave 3D, After Effects, Peak, DVDSP.

Golf Shots: I was hired to create a new intro for the semi-local golf TV-magazine show "Golf Shots". I was given the music and multitude of clips to arrange how I saw fit, and spiced it up with some FX in After Effects to hightlight the transitions between scenes. After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, some Final Cut Pro.